- Mobile Notary & Business Services- 

Things to Know About the Louisiana Notary....

  •  The Louisiana Civil Law Notary has broad powers usually reserved for attorneys in other states.
  •  A Notary can draft, prepare and execute affidavits, acknowledgements and other authentic acts.
  •  My duty as Notary Public is to screen the signers for their identity, willingness to sign documents without duress or intimidation and their awareness of the transactions and documents being signed.
  •  Notaries are authorized to administer oaths when they are required by notarizing texts, committing the signer, signatures and certificates.
  •  A false statement made to Notary Public under oath is Perjury!
  •  Notaries are required by law to record any instrument pertaining to immovable property with the Clerk of Court of the Parish where the property is located.
  •  I reserve the right to refuse mobile services to any location that I feel may be unsafe and as an alternative I will offer to meet at a Public Location of my choice as precaution for safety.
  •  I do not have an office... I am strictly mobile!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an Attorney and can not give legal advice. Louisiana Civil Law Notaries are only allowed to give Notarial advice. For legal advice you need to consult a licensed Attorney.


- Government issued ID for all parties. ID must not be expired and must reflect the name printed on the document.

- Document must be completely filled with no blanks.

- The document can not be signed outside of my presence!

- If witnesses are required please make arrangements to have witnesses present upon arrival.

Lincoln Parish Library, Ruston, La